Please find here our most frequently asked questions. Click on the question to see the answer! If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to call us on 0450 097 946 or email us at info@pattersonlakesswimschool.com.au

Does the pool operate the same term times as schools?

Our lessons run 42 weeks a year. We understand families need time together, as we also understand the need for continual reinforcement of learning.

How many children will I expect in a class?

There is never more than 4 children.

Our program is designed to increase your Child’s rate of progression.

What are the teacher qualifications?

All Swimming teachers are required to attain a nationally recognised teaching qualification – Swim Australia Teacher (SAT) qualification or AUSTSWIM. All Swimming teachers are also required to attain the specialist infant aquatics qualification.

In addition, all staff complete internal training specific to our product.

Why is the pool so warm?

We maintain water temperature at the optimum level for teaching children to swim, ensuring they stay warm and comfortable during lessons. Experience has shown that cooler water makes learning difficult and causes children to lose interest in listening.

Is swimming more than once a week beneficial?

Extra lessons will always accelerates learning (provided the teaching standard is satisfactory) and it is our experience  that children swimming more frequently progress faster through the levels.

How long will it take my child to learn to swim?

Swimming lessons are best learnt through continual weekly reinforcement. It is a long-term process. One 30-minute class every 7 days usually permits time for swimmers to forget some of what they have practiced previously. This only totals 20hr of swimming a year.

Our program is designed to promote swimmers sooner. With never more than 4 students in a class, and teachers required to meet high standards, we will get your child to the best they can be, as soon as possible. This will save you time and money.



What are the benefits of starting swimming early?

There is strong evidence that children who participate in regular swimming lessons at an early age are better prepared for learning. Water Confidence and Preschool programs emphasise safety and survival skills. Importantly children who are comfortable and confident in the water at an early age are better prepared in the case of an emergency.

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Study shows kids are smarter if they swim.

Can I change my lesson time when my baby changes sleep schedules?

You are welcome to change your lesson time anytime. We will do our best to find a time that best suits you. Just ask one of our friendly supervisors.

Should I continue classes in winter?

Winter is a great time to keep your children active, healthy and building on their swimming skills. Our pool has consistent warm temperatures, make lessons comfortable all year round.

What should I expect on day one?

On your first day aim to arrive at least 15 minutes early. This will allow you and your child to get used to the environment and to see your child’s teacher beforehand. Classes will start on time, but please do not enter the pool until requested. There are warm showers, change tables and change rooms available.

What is your cancellation policy?

No lock in contracts. You can leave the program at any time, however you should notify us before the end of the current fortnight so that we can cancel the following fortnights direct debit.

What is a free lesson assesment?

Every new swimmer will be assessed to establish which class level best suits their abilities prior to their first paid lesson. These assessments take roughly 10 minutes , but swimmers can enjoy a free 30min class. On completion we will work with you to find a class time that best suits your schedule.

Do you provide makes, credits or refunds for missed classes?

If you miss a class, and we have a spot, you are welcome to join in. We book all makeup classes at the pool. You even have the whole year to use your missed class (provided there is a spot).

Will I need to get in the water?

With Infant classes, a parent is required in the water. We are instructing the parent who in fact teaches the swimmer. We also recommend that you wear a top that can be used by your child to promote their strength in climbing.


What if my child cries?

It is rare a child will not cry.  Please do not give up and get out. Move away from the class and reassure your swimmer. You will keep receiving a free trial lesson until your child is calm, therefore more focused on the required tasks. We must give our children time to grow in confidence and this can take more than one free trial.